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Get an Ultra-Slim USB Stick DeadDrop Ready 


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Get an Ultra-Slim USB Stick 

DeadDrop Ready 

Written By: Aaron Soehnen 


Hot Glue gun & hot glue (1) . • Slim USB Stick (1) 

Soldering iron (1) 
Wire cutter/stripper (1) 


First of all: If you're not familiar with DeadDrops, visit ! 

You surely know these new type of USB sticks which are very thin because they don't have 
the classic-iron USB connector. I had a bunch of them at home and wanted to use them as 
DeadDrops, but in my opinion the plastic connector is not solid enough for a DeadDrop's life 
of rain, physical stress, and vandalism. I solved this problem by soldering an end of an USB 
cable to them. I think that's really easy, so get your slim USB stick and an old cable or 
connector and get started! 

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Get an Ultra-Slim USB Stick DeadDrop Ready 

• What you'll need: 

• A slim USB stick 

• A male USB connector with or 
without a cable 

• Soldering iron 

• A pair of scissors or any kind of 
nipper pliers 

• Hot glue (optional) 

• Heat-shrink tubing 

• And some plumber's tape or any 
kind of waterproof tape (not in the 

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Get an Ultra-Slim USB Stick DeadDrop Ready 

• If your stick has got any kind of a non-solid plastic casing, remove it. 

• Removing the plastics can be done using a knife, a screwdriver or a Dremel-kind-of-tool 

• You should end up having the circuit board (as in my case) or the elemental plastic part 
with the connectors. 

• Be sure that you are opening only the outer plastic casing and not the inner one! 

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Get an Ultra-Slim USB Stick DeadDrop Ready 

• To get ready for soldering, you 
have to prepare your USB cable / 
USB male connector first. 

• If you are using a cable end: 

• Gently remove about 1-2 cm of 
the outer plastic insulation of the 

• Remove the tinfoil shielding by 
peeling it back and cutting it off. 
(Sometimes the shielding 
consists of many small wires. 
Don't worry, cut 'em off too!) 

• Now strip the four colored wires. 

• If you are using a male 

• Remove any plastics that are 
covering the inner parts of your 
connector using a knife. 

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Get an Ultra-Slim USB Stick DeadDrop Ready 

• Now it is time to solder the USB stick and the connector or wire together. 

• Be sure to solder the connections right and stick to the image if in doubt. (Oh, and 
sometimes the green wire is blue.) 


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If you like you can use heat-shrink 
tubing and/or hot glue to secure the 
solder connections. 

After that you just have to wrap the 
finished USB stick with some tape 
to make it waterproof and you're 

A finished Dead Drop can be seen 
here at the Dead Drops Database 

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